A Sample of Livingston Underground

Hey folks,

We’ve gathered up some music from a bunch of Livingston County bands, both new and old. We wanted to give you a chance to hear first-hand just how incredibly talented the musicians in this area are and always have been. We want you to share this with your friends that live here and get them excited about our incredible music scene clawing its way back. We want you to show this to your friends that don’t live in the area and make them jealous of our community. We want you to play this every day in as many settings as you can. The bands featured here are all very proud of their work, and deserve as much exposure as possible.

You can download the album for free at Bandcamp. You can also download the album and, at the very same time, donate some money that will ultimately be used to help fund the opening of a venue right here in Livingston County. Download it, listen to it, and share it.


Fanboy - Lesson Learned
Hungup - Sinking
All the President’s Men - Gold Rush
Paths - Broken Records
Apathetic Critic - For the Wages of Sin
Contrast - Annie   
David Samano - Keep Love Inspired   
Alaska - Aurora
Quicksand Swimclub - Better Days
Giraffe Attack! - Pick Yourself Up   
Tips - Smoke and Guns
Andrew Price - I Like It By The Lakes
The Deep End - I Could Be Wrong   
Harvey Dent - So Long Friends   
Kenny and the Swordfish - Good Riddance to Grand Rapids
Montoyan - Garter
Good Weather for Airstrikes - Let Go    
Borderline Extortion - Moving too Fast
Tiger! Tiger! - I Can’t Believe Myself
Travis Root - Wall Street
A Hero Falls - From Our Eyes
The Threads - Think Right
Endeavors - BLOODVVOLF
Boss Ross - A Militia Rising
Soul Tiger - Paul Bunyan
Avery Black - React
A Big Crash - The First One to Leave
Grant Thomas - Reminisce
Boherald - Sandpaper Tongue
Total Hipster Crusher - Split 7” Side
Bottle Fight the World
Fuller - My Goin’ Out Shoes

LINK: http://livingstonunderground.bandcamp.com

We’re also really excited to announce the big show to celebrate Chris Nance’s memorial show.  The flyer below has the lineup!  

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