September LU Sampler!

We are still taking submissions for this months sampler! You have until 9/15/14 to get them in!

Album art submissions go to:

Music submissions go to:

Hurry hurry hurry!

September Sampler

Looking for submissions for the September Sampler! Send Music to 


Just wanted to clarify what we are looking for as far as submissions to this page go.

We want this page to be a tool Livingston County and even Michigan bands can use as another mean to release news about recording and other things your bands may have going on. So if you have a write up about an anniversary of one of your releases, updates on recording, new merch, or even tours please feel free to submit it to us and we will get it up on this page as soon as we can. 

Our goal is to make this a community where we can help each other out and be successful but most importantly enjoy what we have.

Look forward to your submissions!

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I don’t wanna believe all this stupid shit I see

I just don’t wanna know. I can’t stand it anymore

Every day is the same

I’m just let down again

I just wish there was someway I could never talk to anyone again

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August 2014 Sampler, by Livingston Underground

HEYYYOO! The 2014 LU August Sampler is up! Go check it out!


Hey everyone, John and Jessyka have been working almost nonstop to get the scene jump-started again, and things have been going great! A lot of very cool things are coming in the next few weeks/months, but we have run into a slight issue. School is right around the corner, and none of us are in high school. This where you (hopefully) can help us. If you can pass out fliers at Howell, Fowlerville, Pinckney, or Brighton high school and provide reasonable proof of doing so, we will get you into one of our shows for free. Email if this is something you’d like to help us out with! See you at a show soon!

Local Flea Market Needing Bands/Artists

Bands/Artists, we received an email yesterday from a woman named Renee who is apart of The Thrifters Sister Flea Market, & this is what she had to say:


I am starting a new event in Livingston County to be held at the Fowlerville Fair Grounds September 6,7th, 2014.

It is a Boutique type flea market specializing in vintage, retro, industrial, mid century modern, etc….

This is my inaugural year for this event and I really want to put on an amazing event complete with music to fit the theme, such as oldies, folk music, etc.. I do not have enough $ in the budget this first year to pay for musical groups but had hoped to find some up and coming artists that may want to sing in exchange for a chance to be showcased, could sell some of their music, and could also have free weekend admittance to the event. Would you know of any person or groups that may be interested??

I would also place advertisement for music groups announcing their presence on our FB Page.

I hope to turn this into a successful event to be held twice a year at the fair grounds and would love to promote local groups as well as have them get in on the first year and grow with us!

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you if you can help in anyway. 

Thrifter Sisters Flea Market”

So if you are at all interested in this let me know, & I can forward her number on to you. Thanks so much!

Now Calling For Album Art Submissions!

Hey guys! As you have probably read, we are going to be putting out a monthly sampler of music that bands/artist submit. Every month I was going to make the album art for the sampler, but then had an idea. Aside from showcasing bands/artists, we also want to be able to showcase the work of all you artists, photographers, & graphic designers in the scene. So as well as having bands & artists submit songs for the monthly sampler, we want submissions for the album art. We will pick a winner & your work will be featured as the album art for the monthly sampler!

Guidelines: The album art should be themed to what month the sampler is released. Be creative!

So starting now we are calling for album art submissions for the LU August Sampler! Good luck! Submissions end 8/9/14.

Please send submissions to:


Hey all, I’m sure you’ve all seen Nate’s recent blog post about Jessyka and John taking the reigns on booking for the area (if not you should check it out before you read this) This is really awesome news, and I know that John, Jessyka, and Nick are going to be putting on some seriously awesome shows in the coming months. This puts me in a great position to start something i have wanted to do for a very long time. Starting immediately I’m accepting submissions for a monthly newsletter based on what’s going on in our area’s music scene called The LU Newsletter. The LU Newsletter will feature band interviews, reviews, a feature on bands that have broken up, and anything else any of you would like to submit. I want this to be a very open and inclusive thing that we can all be a part of. Email me something, I’ll read it over for grammar and it’ll get posted in that month’s issue. I really want this to be a positive place to share ideas, so if you have any pictures or articles you want featured email them to me at

Hope to hear from you all soon!